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Cut Poison Burn DVD
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This hard-hitting documentary, Cut Poison Burn, takes a rare look at what happens when a cancer patient questions the "standard of care" and attempts to make personal choices promising the best results for the patient and not the cancer industry.

Unless you've personally walked the path – or have accompanied a loved one – through this brutally convoluted, hostile maze, you probably have no clue as to the hidden and well-disguised demons awaiting the unsuspecting visitor.

And so in lies the value of this bold and daring documentary.

In Cut Poison Burn, you'll glean an insider's view of America's so-called 'War on Cancer' and the cancer industry while meeting its various players:

  • The federal government who, despite claiming they will "leave no stone unturned" to fight the nasty enemy, instead spends its precious time and resources persecuting innocent innovators whom they consider "quacks"
  • The drug companies threatened by alternative cancer treatments that can't be patented or produce sufficient profits
  • The powerful "non-profit" organizations that clearly have their eye on the money instead of cancer victims' best interests

The current medical paradigm is to rush in, remove, kill, or poison the tumor. As long as there's been a war on cancer, that mindset has prevailed.

Cut Poison Burn ultimately conveys hope that we can create a new paradigm of prevention, medical freedom, and acceptance of individually tailored therapies, blending the best from the conventional and alternative worlds.

Taking over 12 years to complete, and sifting through 150 hours of footage and interviews with top oncologists, researchers, policy-makers, alternative practitioners, and patients, Cut Poison Burn ventures where no other film has ever dared to go.

What's brutally clear is that the current system isn't working. The War on Cancer has been a disappointment at best and an embarrassing disaster at worst. People are dying just as much as they did before the war started.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to see this vitally important film.

Only when we all know what often happens in the heart-wrenching maze called "cancer treatment" can we begin the honest conversation that needs to happen for real change to occur.

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