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Soleil Sleep Spa Alarm Clock
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Soleil Sleep Spa Alarm Clock

Soleil Sleep Spa Alarm Clock
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    The rude awakenings in modern life certainly contribute to the daily stress you face. More importantly, this type of awakening may fail to support your delicate and complex body systems. The inability to awaken in today's darkened bedroom created the need for an alarm clock, ergo: the blaring, buzzing, dreaded alarm clock.

    I’ve found a better way to wake up.

    The Sleep Spa wakes you up naturally and gently, so you feel rested and energized when you wake up

    Along with features of a traditional alarm clock, the innovative Sleep Spa also features:

    • Sunrise alarm that wakes you up naturally with slowly brightening light
    • Custom nature sounds that soothe and relax
    • High-Intensity Dimmable LED Lamp. Similar brightness to a traditional 40-watt bulb. Lasts up to 50,000 hours
    • Battery back-up in case the power goes out
    • MP3 input to play your own music
    • USB charging station
    • NASA-inspired sleep technology
    • 90-day Warranty

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