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Pro-Optimal Whey Vanilla (18 Servings): 1 Container
Mercola Special Offer

Pro-Optimal Whey Vanilla

  • 1 Container
Pro-Optimal Whey Vanilla
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  • June 2019
    • Description
    This amazing and affordable protein drink mix has replaced every other one I've tried!

    Pro-Optimal Whey™ Protein Mix is a powdered nutritional formula designed to promote peak wellness by optimizing protein, fats, carbs and micronutrients. It also:

    • Contains immunoglobulins and lactoferrin -- to promote a healthy GI tract and immune system
    • Has NO artificial sweeteners or flavors (no chemical aftertaste)
    • Tastes great and dissolves easily without clumping
    • Comes in 3 great-tasting natural flavors -- vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
    • Uses biologically-active whey protein brimming with amino acids (no soy)

    Pro-Optimal Whey™ Protein Mix -- formulated to give you the nutritional edge you need!

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