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Relearning To See

Relearning To See
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    In this ground-breaking presentation of the Bates method, Thomas R. Quackenbush describes how eyesight can improve naturally – at any age and regardless of heredity.

    Lavishly illustrated with more than sixty color plates and one hundred and fifty images, including Distance and Near Eye Charts, Relearning to See is a virtual encyclopedia of natural eyesight improvement. In this indispensable book, you will learn:

    • Why relaxation of the mind and body and the release of subconscious tension are the keys to improving and preserving normal eyesight
    • Why the Bates method is about relearning correct vision habits – and not about eye exercises
    • How the crutches of eyeglasses and contact lenses can strain your eyes, mind, and body, make your vision worse, and result in continually stronger prescriptions
    • How to avoid eyestrain while reading, watching television, at work, using a computer, and under artificial lighting
    • How headaches and neck pain have been relieved by natural eyesight reeducation
    • Why refractive corneal surgeries (RK, laser, etc.), ortho-keratology, and other artificial forms of eyesight “correction” can be harmful and risky

    With this simplified, practical, self-help approach to improving your eyesight, you can relearn to see – naturally and clearly, without glasses or surgery. Order today!

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