Fermented Chlorella & Fermented Broccoli Sprouts: 90 Day Supply

Fermented Chlorella & Fermented Broccoli Sprouts

Fermented Chlorella & Fermented Broccoli Sprouts
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Fermented Chlorella

Chlorella is a single-cell, fresh water algae, often referred to as a near-perfect food with a wide array of potential health benefits.

Chlorella often receives this superfood connotation because of its well-balanced ratios of proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Our Fermented Chlorella can enhance your overall health by how it potentially:

  • Helps maintain your blood sugar levels already in the normal range.*
  • Helps support normal liver function.*
  • Aids in supporting normal blood pressure already in the normal range.*
  • Supports your body’s normal detoxification processes.*

But with many options available to you for chlorella supplements, how do you know which one to choose? Don’t make the mistake of going with the cheapest formula without doing some thorough research.

If you’re looking for a superior chlorella formula, our Fermented Chlorella is produced by an experienced high-quality manufacturer that…

  • Utilizes indoor cultivation to reduce potential heavy metal and toxin infiltration.
  • Provides a highly bioavailable form of chlorella.*
  • Delivers a formula without synthetic ingredients.
  • Allows for flexible serving sizes without excessive concern for toxins.
  • Consistently produces our formula year-round with high-production yields due to optimal weather-free control systems.

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Fermented Broccoli Sprouts

Fresh broccoli and broccoli sprouts are two of the healthiest foods you can eat.

Both these foods contain high concentrations of a broad category of compounds called glucosinolates, of which two compounds, glucoraphanin and sulforaphane, have become the focus of more than 650 scientific publications.

Sulforaphane is considered the leading compound in broccoli and broccoli sprouts responsible for many of its health benefits, including:

  • Cell health throughout your body.*
  • Your body’s normal detoxification processes.*
  • Gut health and a healthy gut microbial balance.*
  • Healthy joint cartilage and comfortable movement.*
  • Bladder and prostate health.*

However, in order to receive optimal benefits from this key compound, you’d have to eat about two pounds of broccoli a week! And common food handling practices and cooking often destroy a key enzyme essential to convert glucoraphanin in broccoli to sulforaphane.

If you have healthy gut flora, the conversion to sulforaphane can still occur in the absence of this key enzyme. Unfortunately, many people have less-than-optimal gut flora for a number of reasons.

Fermenting the broccoli in advance, as done in our Fermented Broccoli Sprouts formula, converts the glucoraphanin to sulforaphane, so you don’t need to depend on your gut microbes to accomplish the task. In essence, fermentation does exactly what a healthy gut would do – provide your body with bioavailable sulforaphane.

Our Fermented Broccoli Sprouts contains both fermented organic broccoli sprout powder and activated organic broccoli whole plant powder. With the whole plant powder, you receive standardized levels of the most important compounds of broccoli to help you maximize its many potential health benefits.*

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