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MITOMIX™ KETO Organic MCT Oil (16 Fl. Oz): 3 Bottles
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MITOMIX™ KETO Organic MCT Oil (16 Fl. Oz.)

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  • Feb. 2021
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Dieters, athletes, bodybuilders and others seeking a simple way to give their health and well-being a boost have discovered the secret of medium-chain triglycerides.

Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are recognized for their ability to help your body create ketones, making them an essential companion to ketogenic diets. When your body makes ketones, you are successfully burning fat as your primary fuel instead of glucose from carbohydrates.

While nutritional ketosis provides tremendous benefits for your body and brain, the MCTs in MCT oil can not only augment your ketone level but offer many other benefits.

Our unique MITOMIX™ KETO Organic MCT Oil contains a blend of the most desirable MCTs, C8 Caprylic Acid and C10 Capric Acid with a small amount of C12 Lauric Acid. And it’s sourced only from organic coconut.

Here are some of the potential benefits awaiting you from this unique product:

  • Support for a healthy metabolism and ideal weight*
  • Support for your cellular and mitochondrial health*
  • Support for your immune health*
  • Support for your brain health and cognitive function*
  • Support for your energy levels and athletic performance by supplying a source of fast, clean-burning fuel*
  • Support for your cyclical ketogenic eating plan*

You can substitute small amounts of MITOMIX™ KETO Organic MCT Oil in place of other less healthy fats to take advantage of its potential benefits. It’s simple to incorporate into your daily routine, but I caution you to take it slowly if you’re new to MCTs to avoid any unwanted gastrointestinal effects.

I suggest starting with one teaspoon of MITOMIX™ KETO Organic MCT Oil and gradually work up to one or more tablespoons a day. At first, have it with another fat, such as with a handful of nuts, with ghee or butter in your coffee, or as one of the oils in your salad dressing. Once you’re fully adjust, add one or more spoonfuls to your favorite smoothie recipe, salads, soups and entrees.

Order MITOMIX™ KETO Organic MCT Oil today and start reaping the many benefits that only MCTs can offer.

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