Mitomix Bars - Chocolate (12 Bars per Box): 1 Box

Mitomix Bars - Chocolate

  • 12 Bars

Mitomix Bars - Chocolate
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  • Sept. 2018
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    Nutritional ketosis is a profound way to support your cells’ mitochondria and help optimize their function. However, surprising few existing food products truly support a ketogenic lifestyle.

    When you make the effort to convert your body over to burning fat, into a state of ketosis, the last thing you want to do is spoil all the progress you’ve made, just because your low-carb, high-fat snack choices may be limited!

    That’s exactly why I created Mitomix™ Bars. Low in net carbs and high in healthy fats and fiber, they’re the ideal snack bar for anyone wanting:

    • To help optimize mitochondrial function and cellular health
    • A convenient low-carb, high-fat snack for travel or a busy lifestyle
    • Nutritional support while transitioning into ketosis or maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle
    • A satisfying and energizing way to supplement any low-carb, high-fat eating plan
    • A quick and delicious way to add fiber and healthy fats to your diet without adding to insulin or leptin resistance
    • A smart choice for vegans and vegetarians

    I personally formulated my Mitomix™ Bars from scratch to contain:

    • Only 2.6 or 4.9 grams of net carbs (depending on if you choose Chocolate or Double Chocolate)
    • A whopping 14 to 16 grams of fiber per bar!
    • A generous 10 to 11 grams of healthy fats, including MCT oil
    • A wholesome blend of 11 certified organic, top-quality plant essentials with no genetically modified ingredients

    Plus they are moist, chewy and delicious – just like homemade!

    With a lineup of healthy ingredients like what’s in my Mitomix™ Bars, you’ll be amazed at how we packed so much value into one bar. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bar that compares, because they are truly one-of-a-kind!

    Order your Mitomix™ Bars in your choice of Chocolate or Double Chocolate today!

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    Attention: Your chocolate may melt due to high outdoor temperatures while shipping.

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