Personal Air Purifier

Personal Air Purifier

Personal Air Purifier
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    One of the biggest things many people dread about public transportation is breathing stale or “recycled” dirty air. Imagine if you could instead settle into your seat with your own personal three-foot "cloud" of fresh, clear air.

    That’s exactly what the wearable ClearAir Personal Air Purifier can do for you. By emitting electrically charged molecules, or atoms called ions, the ions transfer their charge to particles in the dirty air that then repels them out of your air space.

    The result is an "exclusion zone" of fresh, clear air – a three-foot particle-free area around your head so you can breathe air that is cleared of atomic-sized contaminants.

    Made by one of the Environmental Purification Industry's most respected leaders, the ClearAir Personal Air Purifier has been granted four U.S. patents. It has undergone validation testing at leading universities and research facilities. Dozens of peer-reviewed, published papers confirm the ClearAir Personal Air Purifier as the leader in personal air purification technology.

    What sets this unique device apart from the competition is its exclusive patented ionization technology that creates an "ion wind" of potent purification ions without the use of a fan or mechanical blower. With the highest ion wind output and the smallest unit size of any personal air purifier, it’s three times more powerful than other purifiers in clearing your air of pollutants.

    Lightweight, sleek and attractive (no larger than a pager weighing 1.5 ounces), the ClearAir Personal Air Purifier is worn around your neck with the included toggle-fastening neck strap or optional clip. Slip it on when you use public transportation or while in waiting rooms, movie theaters, crowded offices, gyms or anywhere you want the assurance of clearer, fresher air. It’s especially useful for sensitivities to pets and pet and household odors.

    Powered by a single CR123A 3v lithium battery (included) for approximately 40 to 50 hours of use.

    Create your own "fresh air cloud" and discover the difference clear air can make in your life! Order your own ClearAir Personal Air Purifier today.

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