Vehicle Air Purifier

Vehicle Air Purifier

Vehicle Air Purifier
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It’s likely happened to you… You’re driving home after a long day, only to get caught in gridlock traffic. All you can smell is exhaust fumes, even with your windows rolled up and your so-called ‘fresh air’ vents closed.

Or maybe your car’s air conditioning is working just fine, but you still detect an odor from your vents that makes you feel nauseated and sick.

Perhaps you’ve even finally purchased that new car of your dreams, but you’re painfully aware that every whiff of that “new car” smell is ripe with toxic chemicals!

So how can you help keep your air inside your vehicle fresh and clear?

ClearAir Vehicle Air Purifier can help. By using advanced Ion Generator technology that removes particulates, smoke and odors from your breathing space, you can finally breathe fresh air inside your car.

Compact in size (6.4” H x 2.8” W x 2.2” D), the ClearAir Vehicle Air Purifier conveniently fits into your cup holder space and plugs directly into your power source with its included 12VDC plug (no batteries needed!).

The ClearAir Vehicle Air Purifier features a quiet operation to allow you to listen to your music and not your air purifier. Plus it comes equipped with two output modes and a 4-hour automatic shut-off, so you can’t forget to turn it off!

Start enjoying fresh and clear air today with the ClearAir Vehicle Air Purifier. Order one for each car today!

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