Fermented Ginseng Spray (31 Servings per Bottle): 1 Bottle

Fermented Ginseng Spray (96 mg)

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Fermented Ginseng Spray
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Panax or Korean ginseng has been used in medicine for thousands of years and is a fundamental tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As an adaptogenic herb, ginseng has a remarkable capability of supporting your body’s:

  • Handling of everyday stress*
  • Ability to resist fatigue*
  • Healthy aging and overall wellness*

Ginseng can help you adapt to stress, whether it be emotional or physical.* With exercise, that might equate to having more energy and endurance.* In everyday life, an adaptogen herb like ginseng may help you have greater focus and cognitive clarity.*

A true Panax or Korean ginseng extract contains certain active ingredients that other ginseng plants like Siberian ginseng don’t, and in greater quantity than American ginseng. These unique active compounds are plant saponins called ginsenosides.

Ginsenosides offer a wide range of support for your immune system, brain, blood sugar, cardiovascular system, digestive health and your body’s detoxification processes.* Yet to fully take advantage of their potential benefits, you have to absorb the ginsenosides first, which turns out not to be the easiest task!

Typically, the ginsenosides pass through your stomach and small intestine and then undergo fermentation in your large intestine by your gut’s “good” bacteria. They are very hard to break down with gastric juices or liver enzymes, and if your gut microflora is less than optimal, you may not be able to absorb and utilize the ginseng.

Using a proprietary enzyme fermentation process that transforms the ginsenosides into usable end-stage metabolites, the ginseng extract in my Fermented Ginseng acts like it’s already been metabolized in your large intestine. By removing many of the potential barriers to absorption, Fermented Ginseng provides faster and more consistent absorption than other types of non-fermented ginseng.

And that means faster adaptogenic support for energy and endurance!

Now available in a unique spray form, my Fermented Ginseng Spray can help you take control over the everyday stress and fatigue that can keep you from living the life you want. Order yours today!

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WARNING: If you are taking any of the following: heart and blood pressure medications, blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin, diabetes medications, including insulin, immune-suppressing drugs, stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or MAOI antidepressants, you should not use Korean Ginseng without first talking to your health care practitioner.

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