100% Grass Fed Ribeye & New York Strip Bundle: 16 Units

100% Grass Fed Ribeye & New York Strip Bundle

100% Grass Fed Ribeye & New York Strip Bundle
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Grass Fed Ribeye and New York Strip Steak

Today, 95 percent of the red meat for sale in stores comes from mammoth confined animal feeding operations, or CAFOs. This includes most of the beef you find in restaurants. CAFO meats have a miserable track record when it comes to safety and your health.

Lucky for us, there are forward-thinking individuals who believe in a different, more humane and responsible way to produce beef.

Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed 100% Grass Fed Beef has been in operation in the Midwestern U.S. since 2004, raising cattle holistically entirely on grassland, not just for a few months like many other grass-fed beef products. All cattle are born, raised and harvested in the U.S.

All of our beef products from Thousand Hills are now Certified Grassfed by the American Grassfed Association (AGA). This ensures:

  • The animals are fed only grass and forage from weaning until harvest
  • The animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range without confinement to feedlots
  • The animals are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones
  • All animals are born and raised on American family farms
  • The operation is managed to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards, and employs a sustainable approach designed to enhance land, water and air quality

Thousand Hills AGA Certified Grass Fed Beef comes from cattle that have never received:

  • Grains, including GMO corn
  • Chicken “litter” or other animal by-products
  • Bioengineered ingredients or feed

AGA Certification assures you of authentic 100% grass fed beef. Regular audits by independent, third parties ensure continuing compliance with strict AGA standards.

Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed 100% Grass Fed Boneless Ribeye Steaks and New York Strip Steaks are expertly hand-trimmed to a quarter-inch of fat. Each case contains eight individually sealed 8-oz. Boneless Ribeye Steaks and eight individually sealed 8-oz. New York Strip Steaks.

Once thawed, sealed steaks will last more than 20 days in your refrigerator. Order today and savor the difference!

Discover more about Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed 100% AGA Certified Grass Fed Beef

Shipping Restrictions:
  • We do not ship the 100% Grass Fed Beef products outside the contiguous U.S. or to P.O. Boxes.
  • The 100% Grass Fed Beef products are shipped separately and cannot be expedited. Non-perishable products will follow our Flat Rate Shipping Method.

Shipping Dates:
  • To ensure freshness and safety, we ship the 100% Grass Fed Beef products on Mondays and Tuesdays only so that your product arrives on a weekday. Your delivery arrival date depends on your order date. Orders placed Tuesday through Friday will ship on Mondays. Orders placed Saturday through Monday will ship on Tuesdays. If a Monday or Tuesday is a holiday, orders will be shipped out on the next scheduled ship date.
  • Orders will arrive within 3 days of ship date.
  • Non-perishable products will follow our Flat Rate Shipping Method and will arrive separately from the 100% Grass Fed Beef products.

Shipping Methods:
  • All 100% Grass Fed Beef products are packed in boxes manufactured with recycled paper and lined with insulated box liners made from recycled biodegradable cotton fibers in order to extend our sustainability initiatives and preserve them for the duration of the shipping time.
Includes Qty
1 (8 oz. per steak) 100% Grass Fed Ribeye Boneless Steak 8
1 (8 oz. per steak) 100% Grass Fed New York Strip Boneless Steak 8

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