Soothing Bar Soap (3 oz): 1 Bar

Soothing Bar Soap (3 oz.)

Soothing Bar Soap
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  • Nov. 2020
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Our Soothing Bar Soap – takes one month to make.

Combining certified organic oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel with an alkali solution, the soap is blended for hours and allowed to thicken slowly.

Once ready, botanical concentrates and organic herbs are added. The soap is then poured into wooden molds and kept warm for three days.

As the soap hardens, alkali salts begin to rise to the top like cream. Around the fourth day, the blocks of soap are removed from the molds, skimmed of all alkali salts, and wire cut into individual bars.

The bars are then placed on custom made oak and stainless steel screened drying racks and cured for about three more weeks.

This meticulous process produces the mildest soap that can be made. Often lasting about twice as long as conventional bars, this handcrafted aromatherapy soap is extremely moisturizing and soothing to your skin.

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