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    Although we can get antioxidants from foods that we eat – like green tea, fruits, and vegetables – many of us aren’t able to get the recommended amounts in our diets each day.

    That’s why I created a top-quality antioxidant formula to help you get the antioxidants you require, called Catechins.

    We need antioxidants because they fight off potentially harmful free radicals in our bodies –  helping to build up our immune defenses.*

    Unlike other green tea extracts and antioxidant supplements, my Catechins formula stands out for its premium quality and beneficial ingredients.

    My Catechins formula:

    • Provides a top-quality blend of naturally-occurring antioxidants from well-known superfoods
    • Delivers a broad spectrum of active compounds from catechins, polyphenols, phycocyanins, and anthocyanins
    • Has a special blend of blueberry, black currant, and green tea extracts providing 65 mg of catechins and 80 mg of polyphenols
    • Has catechins including EGCG – a potent, powerful antioxidant* – equivalent to the amount in one cup of high-quality green tea
    • Includes 50 mg of superfood, spirulina extract
    • Has 30 mg of vitamin C, for increased absorption
    • Has non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients, from the highest-quality sources

    My Catechins product is a water-soluble antioxidant that can be taken with other water-soluble antioxidants and fat-soluble antioxidants, to ensure your body gets all it needs.

    Try this truly beneficial antioxidant formula for your healthy lifestyle today!

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