Bamboo Toilet Paper (400 Sheets per Roll): 36 Rolls

Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • 400 Sheets
Bamboo Toilet Paper


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Before you buy another roll of regular toilet paper that contributes to deforestation and environmental pollution and waste, try my Bamboo Bathroom Tissues instead.

Mercola Bamboo Bathroom Tissue is made using a superior process that greatly reduces environmental harm.

It’s better for the Earth and for you.

Mercola Bamboo Bathroom Tissue is designed for use with septic systems and BPA-free.

Plus, Bamboo Bathroom Tissue is incredibly soft, strong, and absorbent.

In order to get the bathroom tissue so soft, a special process using a unique kind of bamboo pulp is used – for your extreme comfort.

Treat the Earth and your family right with this toxin-free, eco-friendly bathroom tissue.

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    • LEO G Y. Verified Buyer
    • 04/06/2020
    • This bathroom tissue is the best yet.

      Mercola bathroom tissue is easier to handle and use. Under recycled tissue with post-consumer waste, Mercola's bamboo tissue has no irritating and toxic chemicals, such as bisphenols BPA and BPS from receipts and other sources routinely present. A piece of a metal staple from recycled paper tissue, temporarily stuck in my skin, is quite memorable. Thank you to Dr Mercola.

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