Silver Solution Create Your Own (2 fl. oz.): 3-Pack

Silver Solution Create Your Own

Silver Solution Create Your Own
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    You have many available options when searching for a colloidal silver supplement. Don't believe in misleading information.

    My research team has saved you time by doing the footwork of finding an extraordinary, true colloidal silver supplement.

    My Silver Solution:

    • Contains bio-active true colloidal silver – The type of colloidal silver I consider to be the ultimate in refinement and purity
    • Is free from salts, proteins, and oxidizing compounds – These types of compounds can potentially contaminate the silver supplement
    • Contains a high content (96%) of positively charged silver – Research suggests the most promising colloidal silver benefits come from positively charged silver ions
    • Employs a low silver concentration (10 PPM) – A high PPM (parts-per-million) does not necessarily equal high quality. Higher PPM formulas may have more impurities that could impact overall effectiveness 
    • Comes packaged in glass bottles – Glass is the best delivery system for this supplement. Certain plastics might cause leaching and potentially affect quality

    Order Silver Solution today.

    It’s available in three convenient packages: Silver Solution Vertical Sprayer, Silver Solution Dropper, and Silver Solution Mist Spray.

    Try one or all for a high-quality, true colloidal silver supplement that I believe is second to none.

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