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BioCharged Kitty Litter (10 lbs.): 1 Bag
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BioCharged Kitty Litter (10 lbs.)

BioCharged Kitty Litter
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    You have many choices in litter for your cat’s litter box today. As you know, cats can be picky, and for your cat to use her litter box without fail, she needs to approve of your choice.

    Obviously, you want a litter that is healthy for your cat (and you), and one that effectively controls odor and other common complaints. And ideally, it should be biodegradable and affordable.

    Research has found that cats prefer a small granular clumping litter that doesn’t contain added odor control ingredients like baking soda, and doesn’t have a floral or citrus scent. Cats prefer their litter to resemble the natural environment as much as possible!

    Some of the biggest-selling cat litters today, especially clumping clay and corn litters, may be potentially hazardous for your pet in ways you might not realize. I’ve finally found a choice that sidesteps these and other common concerns.

    BioCharged Kitty Litter is a high performance, super absorbent pine-based litter that clumps firmly without harmful ingredients. And it’s the FIRST carbon-neutral cat litter ever produced, thanks to the addition of sustainable, compost-friendly organic biochar.

    My BioCharged Kitty Litter with 100% Organic Biochar excels in its ability to:

    • Resemble a cat’s natural and preferred soiling medium
    • Be welcoming, inviting, and comfortable on your cat’s paws
    • Control odor without added scents, crystals, or baking soda
    • Clump firmly to trap odors and liquid instantly
    • Absorb large amounts of liquid without letting it escape
    • Be biodegradable and suitable for composting for flowers
    • Provide long lasting, economical use
    • Resist biological growth with its use of guar and biochar
    • Create a healthy litter box environment for your cat and other pets

    Do the right thing for your cat – and the environment. Order BioCharged Kitty Litter today!

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