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Liposomal Vitamin C (1000 mg)

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Liposomal Vitamin C


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There's a major problem with traditional oral vitamin C… It just does not have the bioavailability advantages of liposomal technology.

What that means is that sometimes you can't take as much vitamin C as you would like because it could cause digestive issues.

And because vitamin C functions as both a powerful antioxidant and essential nutrient to help support your immune, heart and vascular health and protect against damaging free radicals and more, you don’t want to come up short .*

Our Liposomal Vitamin C provides a more practical and effective way to complement your diet with vitamin C than traditional oral C by how it:

  • Utilizes liposomal technology for bioavailability and gastrointestinal protection advantages.*
  • Incorporates phospholipids to help protect the vitamin C and aid in the formation of liposomes in the stomach.*
  • Includes a sunflower lecithin emulsifier, thereby totally avoiding a soy-based one.
  • Delivers vitamin C in a high-quality, tightly-sealed Licaps® capsule that may be superior to other oral delivery systems in terms of leakage protection.*
  • Comes from a world-leading quality manufacturer with more than a century of experience and innovative delivery technologies.

Don’t miss out on this vital nutrient and potent antioxidant your body needs, and order your supply today.*

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  • GMO Free
    • We guarantee all of our products to be free of genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Gluten Free
    • We guarantee this product to be free of gluten protein.
  • Soy Free
    • We avoid soy whenever possible because it is almost always genetically modified and can affect the hormonal system.

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  • Customer Reviews


  • Jacqueline H. Verified Buyer
  • 01/14/2020
  • You are only getting 500 mg

    Beware that even though the bottle says 1000 mg "Ascorbic acid" in a dose, you are only getting 500 mg as this product is not purified to the L-ascorbic acid. The body can use only half of this product. A bit disappointing. Why can't Mercola give us a liposomal L-ascorbic acid?

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    • Customer Support

      We appreciate you feedback on the Liposomal Vitamin C 90 day supply and apologizes for any misunderstanding. The Vitamin C does provide 1000mg per serving. The Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) is sourced from non-GMO corn and goes through a fermentation process, and then the ascorbic acid is extracted from the glucose in the fermented corn. The product also uses Liposomal Technology which allows absorption of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in the body.


  • Debra D. Verified Buyer
  • 12/19/2019
  • Customer

    Great product! Hoping to find same great quality in dose that works for children? Grandchildren need extra protection.

  • Was This Review helpful? 1    1
    • Customer Support

      We are glad to hear how much you enjoy our Vitamin C product, and we are pleased to inform you that we actually do carry a version for children (ages 4 and up)! https://shop.mercola.com/product/2495/1/liposomal-vitamin-c-for-kids-90-day


  • Tracey K. Verified Buyer
  • 12/09/2019
  • Great product. Easy to swallow.

    I like that this product is easy to swallow unlike some capsules I have bought in the past. Also, I don't have to chew it which for me gets tiresome when I am trying to take higher doses. I would recommend.

  • Was This Review helpful? 5    0


  • jenna j. Verified Buyer
  • 10/29/2019
  • Poorer quality

    I have been a strong Mercola supporter for many years and I’ve had no issues other than receiving a bottle of enzymes in 2018 that smelled spoiled, rotten, and sour. I discontinued the use of the enzymes and continued to purchase all my vitamins from Mercola. Now, I have just received a bottle of a different product, Liposomal vitamin c, that has the same spoiled, rotten, sour smell. I informed Mercola Support.. they would not give any information about why this is happening or how it would be corrected. But, they did offer to send me a replacement bottle of Liposomal vitamin c. It just arrived today and has the same bad smell. I will be discontinuing the use of ALL Mercola products until this is resolved. I am curious if Dr. Mercola is personally aware of this situation... I assume he is not or he would put a stop to it in his facilities.

  • Was This Review helpful? 25    18
    • Customer Support

      We truly apologize for the experience you had with our Liposomal Vitamin C! We will have one of our representatives contact you shortly regarding this, as we would like to investigate this matter further.


  • Mark T. Verified Buyer
  • 10/16/2019
  • Excellent Product

    I've been using the product for a while now. It is difficult for me to get enough Vitamin C in my diet as I eat my calories in a 6 hour window daily. I take one in the morning and one in the evening. Top notch product that I wouldn't be without.

  • Was This Review helpful? 13    0


  • Mary H. Verified Buyer
  • 10/11/2019
  • Grateful for this C

    This product is so much better than any other Liposomal C available. This has saved me from additional damage that would have occurred if I had not had this available to me.

  • Was This Review helpful? 9    0


  • Richard M. Verified Buyer
  • 10/05/2019
  • Liposomal Vitamin C.

    You have written how important USDA Organic. Yet, this product is only non-GMO. WHY??? What is happening to your honesty?

  • Was This Review helpful? 26    23
    • Customer Support

      We appreciate you for taking the time to leave a review of the Liposomal Vitamin C! Although this product is lacking the UDSA Organic Seal, this product contains a premium high quality form of Vitamin C. This product is sealed in a Li-cap capsule to aid the nutrients in being delivered to the correct place and most importantly being very bioavailable. Our Liposomal Vitamin C is gluten free, soy free, GMO free and because we strive to be transparent we have not included the USDA Certified seal as this product is not fully organic. We have happily passed these concerns forward in hopes to make a fully certified organic Vitamin C in the future!