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Vegan Protein Chocolate (30 Servings): 1 Bag
Mercola Special Offer

Vegan Protein Chocolate

  • 1 Bag

Vegan Protein Chocolate
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  • Dec. 2018

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    Vegan Protein Powder is the perfect blend of five high-quality plant proteins from Pea, Hemp, Chia, Potato, and Chlorella.

    You get 12 grams of "complete" concentrated food protein in every serving of Vegan Protein Powder, plus a FIVE-Fiber Blend, a FOUR-Enzyme Blend and absolutely no artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, or gluten!

    I wanted to give you top-shelf nutrition--and what better way to do that than to add in a unique Fiber Blend and Enzyme Blend to support digestion.

    Vegan Protein Powder:

    • Contains no protein isolates
    • Contains proteins high in BCAAs for optimal muscle building
    • Contains the goodness of superfood Golden Chlorella, without a 'greens' taste
    • Does not contain high fructose-containing syrups
    • Mixes easily and smoothly with water or other liquids

    In short, my Vegan Protein Powder is the perfect blend of high quality proteins, ideal for post workouts or any time of day for a quick energy charge and protein boost.

    Vegan Protein Powder is a taste of the "new" generation of protein powders, showcasing the super nutritional contributions of plants. Order yours today!

    Vegan Protein Powder comes in three delicious flavors – Chocolate, Vanilla, and Sweet Cinnamon.

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