Wild Salmon Sampler

Wild Salmon Sampler

Wild Salmon Sampler
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  • $79.00
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If you're new to wild salmon (or even if you're already a seasoned gourmet), why not try the best varieties that Vital Choice offers?

This Wild Salmon Sampler features three of the best – and most popular -- salmon species:

  • 2 – 6 ounce Skinless-Boneless Wild Alaskan Sockeye portions
  • 2 – 6 ounce Skinless-Boneless King Salmon portions
  • 2 – 6 ounce Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon (skin-on) portions
  • A sample .75-ounce packet of Organic Marinade Herb Mix

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, one of the most popular species, is favored by many Alaskans for its firm texture and true salmon flavor.

While all wild salmon are very high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D and low in omega-6 and saturated fats, making them extraordinarily healthful sources of protein.

Its vitamin D content is higher than any other type of salmon. Commonly known as "red" salmon, Sockeye's unmatched astaxanthin content provides the species' characteristic deep red-orange color.

Wild Pacific King Salmon, or "Chinook", is the richest and most succulent of all wild Pacific salmon, with outstanding omega-3 levels.

Line-harvested from either Alaskan or British Columbian (Canada) waters from small boats, the king salmon are iced immediately and flash-frozen within a few hours of leaving the water.

Just like its cousins, king salmon is an excellent source of astaxanthin, vitamin D3, and protein.

Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon is a bit leaner than sockeye or king salmon, but it has slightly more omega-3 fatty acids. Many salmon connoisseurs prefer its moist, delicious mild flavor.

Also known as "Coho", silver salmon are only found in British Columbia, Alaska, and the northwest coast of the United States. Vital Choice line harvests theirs from small boats in Alaskan waters.

To preserve their fresh-caught quality, they are iced immediately and flash-frozen within a few hours of leaving the water.

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Includes Qty
1 (6oz. per portion) Skinless-Boneless Wild Alaskan Sockeye Portion 2
1 (6oz. per portion) Skinless-Boneless Kin Salmon Portion 2
1 (6oz. per portion) Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon (Skin-On) Portion 2
1 (0.75 oz. per packet) Organic Marinade Herb Mix 1

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