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    Studies confirm how cell phones can emit harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation directly to your head. Now there’s an easy way to protect yourself and your loved ones with Dr. Mercola’s Blue Tube Headset. It’s simple, effective and scientifically proven for your peace of mind.
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    Did you know the air in your home may contain 2 to 5 times or more contaminants than even outdoor air? The ClearAir Whole Home Air Purifier effectively incorporates four different technologies, focusing on active types of purification. It seeks out air irritants instead of waiting for them to enter the device.
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    The 16-Piece Mercola Healthy Cookware is made with 100% inorganic natural minerals and nature's own water. Unlike other cookware laced with potentially toxic non-stick coatings and heavy or trace metals, this worry-free attractive cookware makes preparing your favorite meals a breeze.
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    The quickest and most efficient way to get the benefits of essential oils into your body is through your sense of smell. Simple to operate, the attractive European-designed Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is designed to be used with our organic essential oils, providing hours of relaxation and rejuvenation.
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    Power Plate® technology uses whole-body vibration to stimulate your body's natural response to engage more of your muscle fibers, causing them to act simultaneously. With the Personal Power Plate, you can get a full-body workout in as little as 15 minutes.
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    The ClearAir Room Air Purifier freshens the air in any room like nature keeps the air clean in the earth’s forests and mountains. With the ClearAir Room Air Purifier, offending particles and odors are removed from the air, not covered up with chemicals like with toxic “air-freshening” plugins and sprays.
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    When you walk barefoot on the Earth, there's a transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body that spread throughout your tissues. This process is called 'grounding.' Now you can stay connected with the Earth - regardless of where you live, work, and play – with the Earthing Universal Mat.
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    If you want to saturate your space quickly with the scent and the valuable components of organic essential oils, the Dry Aroma Diffuser is an outstanding choice. This waterless diffuser diffuses the essential oils in their pure form, preserving the fragile components of the oils for your maximum benefit.
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    The Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat provides a safe, effective way to tap into the Earth’s energy, without going outdoors! You can use it in your home, office, gym, or your favorite yoga studio. All you need is access to an electrical outlet with a third round prong.
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    Juicing is a sure-fire way to help you get the needed fruit and vegetable servings and nutrients they provide on a daily basis. Juicing promotes healthy digestion, supports the health of every cell, and boosts your energy levels.* Simple to operate and maintain, Dr. Mercola's Juice Extractor helps make the juicing process quick and convenient. Also available in chrome.