Top Food & Drinks

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    Winner of Clean Eating Magazine’s 2018 Clean Choice Award, Ketone Energy MCT Oil is 95 percent Caprylic Acid (C8) and contains no trans fatty acids or genetically engineered ingredients. Simply add to food or beverages for an extra serving of healthy, beneficial fats, which is perfect for a ketogenic diet.
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    Made from all organic, non-bioengineered ingredients with plentiful fiber and healthy fat, Cocoa Cassava Bars are one of Dr. Mercola’s best-selling snack bars. With a combination of coconut, chia seeds, almond butter, cocoa powder and a rich, dark chocolate coating, this delicious bar will satisfy any palate.
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    Nutritional ketosis helps support your cells’ mitochondria and optimize their function, but there aren’t many palatable or nutritionally appropriate bars available. Dr. Mercola’s Mitomix Bars are low in net carbs and high in healthy fats and fiber to support your ketogenic lifestyle. Plus, they’re chocolatey, chewy and delicious.
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    Coconut oil has hundreds of uses. For healthier hair or a makeup remover to cooking or moisturizing, you should never go without a jar. But not all coconut oils are created equal. Make sure you pick organic raw extra virgin coconut oil for best results.
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    Help build muscle with this triple-protein superfood blend. With 14 grams of protein per bar, quick energy and satisfying staying power is both healthy and convenient. Pack these individually wrapped bars for the office, gym, meetings, travel and more. A delicious combination of creamy organic peanut butter and fair trade dark chocolate chips.
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    With no shortage of apple cider vinegar products, for maximum benefits, look for clean, pure ingredients and one that includes the “mother” for gut-friendly probiotics and enzymes. Dr. Mercola’s Apple Cider Vinegar contains ginger and turmeric for synergistic digestive and metabolic support. Plus, it tastes great! There’s nothing else like it on the market. Also try our Spicy and Keto Cider- Blueberry flavors!
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    Made from all organic, non-bioengineered ingredients with plentiful fiber and healthy fat, Dr. Mercola’s Pumpkin Seed Cassava Bars with Macadamia Nuts contain botanical protein from pumpkin seeds and pea protein, and fiber from cassava root, dates and pumpkin seeds. They have the perfect balance of pumpkin cinnamon flavor, perfect for any occasion.
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    Of all the green teas available, Dr. Mercola’s Organic Royal Matcha Green Tea stands above the rest in taste and health-promoting benefits. It provides powerful antioxidants that help support your healthy immune system and digestive tract. Grab a steaming mug and enjoy the delicious taste and boost of energy today.
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    Made from all organic, non-bioengineered ingredients with plentiful fiber and healthy fat, Macadamia Cassava Bars with Goji Berries contain botanical protein from chia seeds and pea protein, with fiber from cassava root, dates, and goji berries. These soft and chewy bars are rich in flavor with a hint of subtle sweetness.
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    Fermented vegetables can help maximize your gut flora and provide a multitude of benefits for your overall health. Making them at home with Dr. Mercola’s Kinetic Culture Packets for Vegetables can’t be beat. With the right probiotic strains that produce vitamin K2, fermenting your own vegetables is easy, inexpensive and essential to your well-being.