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Vitamin B12 Energy Booster* Spray (32 Servings per bottle): 3 bottles

Vitamin B12 Energy Booster Spray (0.85 fl oz per bottle): 3 bottles
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  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Soy Free

Now there's a 100% natural, convenient, and affordable way to recharge your energy anytime, anywhere -- without potentially dangerous stimulants or painful shots.

B-12 Energy Booster* spray is a new and revolutionary way to make all the amazing benefits of vitamin B-12 available to your body in mere seconds.*

Each pre-metered dose not only boosts your energy levels*, but also provides your body with:

  • Support for proper food digestion, absorption, and metabolism*
  • Assistance in the formation of your red blood cells*
  • Outstanding support to keep your mind clear and your memory sharp*
  • Help in promoting balanced moods and overall feelings of well being*
  • Nutrition for the formation and long life of all cells in your body*

Plus it tastes great with a natural cherry flavor.You can also trust B-12 Energy Booster* to be free of any artificial or potential allergy-causing ingredients.

Stock up on B-12 Energy Booster* right now -- and recharge your energy while boosting your overall good health*.

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