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Soft Spray Bidet (SSB-1000): 1 unit

Soft Spray Bidet (SSB-1000): 1 unit
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    Price :$268.88
    The Mercola Soft Spray Bidet is a unit that fits and operates on your current toilet. And its adjustable design specifically allows it to fit on most toilets.

    The Mercola Soft Spray Bidet

    • Is less expensive than separate bidet units and saves toilet paper
    • Does not require extra space in your bathroom for a separate unit and is easy to install
    • Promotes practical dual-hygienic cleansing of both genitals and anal area with a single toilet unit

    Not only is it easy to install, special plumbing (and the added cost of a plumber) is not required. You can install it yourself in less than an hour.

    Believe me, once you quickly install and try the Mercola Soft Spray Bidet for the first time, you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed like never before.

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