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Krill Oil Liquid Pump for Pets (618 Sprays): 3-Pack

Krill Oil Liquid Pump for Pets  3-Pack
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    • Soy Free

    Ensuring adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids has a profoundly supportive effect on your pet's overall health.

    It's so important that I had to figure out a unique (and easy) way to help you supplements your pet's diet.

    If you've ever taken on the task of cutting open fatty acid oil capsules, you will be thrilled at this next bit of news I'm about to share.

    You no longer have to deal with messy pills.

    For my Krill Oil for Pets, we use a revolutionary dispensing method that keeps freshness in and contamination out.

    A technologically-advanced airless pump delivery system locks air and contaminants outside the container.

    And there's no guessing. One or more gentle strokes of your fingertip delivers the precise amount of Krill Oil spray (just one spray for every 5-10 pounds of body weight). No mess. No sticky, oily fingers. Just the right amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids exactly where you want it!

    You'll even save money since there's no waste. You're assured that the oil at the bottom of the container is just as fresh and pure as the first spray.

    Whether you make your own pet's food or if you purchase a high quality commercial diet, supplementing with extra omega-3s is an important option for ensuring your pet's best health.

    Make a decision today to support and help support your pet's overall health with my favorite source of omega-3 fatty acids. Order Krill Oil for Pets today.

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