D-Mannose (30 per bottle): 90 Day Supply


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  • Sept. 2019

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    At some time in their lives, one out of every five women will experience less-than-optimal urinary tract health. And, it's not just women who are concerned with urinary tract health – men are, too.

    It's entirely possible that your urinary tract health could be less than optimal… and you don't even know it. You've probably heard of a number of ways to promote optimal urinary tract health naturally. And I bet cranberry juice is one of the things you think can do it the best…

    But I've found something that I believe is better than cranberry juice. It's called D-Mannose and I feel it's hands-down the best supplement you can use to help support your urinary tract… but it does much more, too.*

    With its Patent-Pending Triple Action, D-Mannose is a unique combination of DDS® probiotic blend, natural D-Mannose and concentrated Cranberry fruit extract and FOS.

    As a natural alternative for women, D-Mannose helps:

    • Support your urinary tract health*
    • Maintain a healthy balance of flora*
    • Promote optimal digestive health*
    • Support your immune system*
    • Contribute to the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora*

    D-Mannose is gentle enough to use daily.*

    Now, D-Mannose allows you to experience the peace of mind you've been seeking.* Making the right choice today means support into the future… that should help you rest easier for a long time to come.*

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