Prescription For Disaster: Gary Null DVD: 1 DVD

Prescription For Disaster: Gary Null DVD: 1 DVD

Prescription For Disaster: Gary Null DVD: 1 DVD
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    Prescription For Disaster, the DVD by well-known author and research scientist Gary Null, will shock you. In it, he reveals the dangerous relationship between the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, lawmakers, and even medical researchers. This relationship endangers your health for mere profit!

    Many years of research by Gary Null and a respected team of medical professionals went into the making of this important documentary. You'll discover:

    • Why the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the U.S.

    • The astounding number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed each year-it's in the millions!

    • How the amount of money spent on prevention is just a pittance compared with the amount spent on treatment ...

    • How alternatives to traditional drug therapy -- vitamins, nutritional supplements, alternative nutritional therapies, exercise, and healthy lifestyle changes - are perceived as a threat to the drug manufacturers.

    • The threat of Codex: you could actually lose access to the supplements and vitamins you safely use everyday to help protect your health!

    Years of exhaustive research make Prescription For Disaster a "must-see" investigation and expose of the conventional health system.