Deluxe Test Kit for Well Water

Deluxe Test Kit for Well Water

Deluxe Test Kit for Well Water
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    The Watercheck with Pesticide Option includes a 103 item check for: Bacteria (presence/absence for coliform and E.coli) (19) heavy metals and minerals, (6) other inorganic chemicals, (5) physical characteristics, (4) trihalomethanes and (47) volatile organic chemicals, and an additional check for (20) pesticides, herbicides and PCBs.

    You will receive your test kit with containers and complete instructions. Simply follow the instructions, complete the order form, and ship to the address given via Next Day Carrier.

    The typical turnaround time for test results to be completed and mailed is within 10 to 15 business days from the date samples are received at the laboratory.

    Pricing listed includes cost of test kit and analysis, and final reports.

    Please Note: This testing is performed by an independent research organization. Dr. Mercola does not personally review or evaluate individual test results.

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