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Mercury Awareness Week 2016

We've Declared a GMO-Free Zone

GMO-Free Guarantee

There are valid reasons why our products don't contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, MSG, and magnesium stearate, as well as any genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs.

This is why we've made the conscious effort to partner ONLY with manufacturers who share our concerns about genetically modified foods and ingredients… And those who pledge to keep them out of our products.

The Bottom Line: GMOs Don't Have a Place in Any Product We Sell. Period.

GMO-Free Products

Dr. Mercola is committed to providing you with supplements that have ingredients as close to their natural form as possible. Genetically modified ingredients are not natural, so you have our assurance and our word that you will find NO genetically modified ingredients when you order any product from

We closely research and scrutinize all manufacturing partners and vendors who supply products for our site. You can rest assured that these companies share our philosophy about GMOs and our deep commitment to providing you with high-quality products.

We're even willing to lay our reputation on the line… That's why you can count on to be a GMO-Free zone.